smc PENTAX-FA 35mm f/2 AL

Look & Feel
This lens seems very compact and light weight for a 35mm f/2 lens, IMO. The outer barrel of this lens seems very similar to those of FA28/2.8AL and FA50/1.4 as shown below. The focus ring on this lens is wide enough for MF, IMHO, and the MF feel is very smooth and well damped for an AF lens.

FA28/2.8AL(left), FA35/2AL(center), and FA50/1.4(right)

Optical Performance
This lens is very contrasty and visually sharp even wide open. Color saturation and color rendition are also excellent. No coma wings are seen within an 18mm radius circle from the center of the frame at f/2. Background bokeh seems slightly double-imaged at f/2 and becomes natual and good at f/2.8.

The accessory tulip hood has a certain amount of inside reflections as shown below left. This seems very bad, so I glued flocked paper inside the hood to prevent reflections as shown below right.


Construction : 6 elements in 5 groups
Angle of View : 63 degrees
Minimum Aperture : F/22
Number of Aperture Blades : 6
Closest Focal Distance : 0.3 meters
Maximum Magnification Ratio : x 0.17
Filter Thread Size : 49 mm
Size : 64 mm in diameter, 44.5 mm in length
Weight : 195 g
* This lens comes with tulip hood.

Image at minimum focal distance (0.3m)


FA35/2AL vs. K35/2